Laws of Pedestrian Saftey

Pedestrian Accidents




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Not only do drivers have laws but so do pedestrians


- MA laws on child pedestrian accidents, 48 pedestrians died in MA the majority of them were kids.


-The most information of this website is that there is information on yielding to pedestrians and conseqences of not yielding to not stopping at a crosswalk for a pedestrian to walk. It informs the public and everyone else on information about yielding for pedestrians and consequences of not stopping, and additional info about crosswalks. This site is reliable because it is a non profit organization that has accounts supporting our caused on facebook, twitter and etc.".


-“No driver of a vehicle shall pass any other vehicle which has stopped at a marked crosswalk to permit a pedestrian to cross, nor shall any such operator enter a marked crosswalk while a pedestrian is crossing or until there is a sufficient space beyond the crosswalk to accommodate the vehicle he is operating, notwithstanding that a traffic control signal may indicate that vehicles may proceed.”-


-"Pedestrians shall obey the directions of police officers directing traffic and whenever there is an officer directing traffic, a traffic control signal or a marked crosswalk within three hundred (300) feet of a pedestrian, no such pedestrian shall cross a way or roadway except within the limits of a marked crosswalk and as hereinafter provided in these regulations. For the purpose of these regulations, a marked crosswalk shall only be constructed to be that area of a road that is reserved for pedestrian crossing located between two solid white reflectorized 12 inch pavement markings in rural areas or markings not less than six inches wide in urban area, said markings or lines being no less than six feet apart."

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