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Reaching out

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As a community, we have a responsibility to take care of one and other- and that responsibility includes ensuring the safety of pedestrians-that of both teens and adults- in the school zones of Malden Massachusetts. Pedestrians need a safe way to cross the busy intersections found in most school zone-at all times. There have been more than 4,000 pedestrians killed in the year of 2010 due to motor vehicle accidents. Many kids- those as young as five years old- walk to school either with a parent or in some cases on their own. This is why school zone auto safety is an important priority we need to address as a community united by the desire to keep our people safe. However, we can not watch every single person in the United States of America as they make their way across busy unsafe intersections. But, we can all contribute. We are here to present the Generation Citizen project to find and create an alternative way for teen pedestrians to cross our streets safely. Working collaboratively as a community, we have the ability to change Malden for the better: Invest in improvements for our streets. Repaint the crosswalks. Increase visibilty of the traffic lights. Create failsafe scenarios for the visualy impaired members of our community. The safety of our community is worth making changes for, especially if it means keeping kids safe on our streets.

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