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Changes We Can Make:

Disallow "Right Turn on Red"
in Malden Center area, and install corresponding signage at intersections.
Install pedestrian signs near crosswalks.
Require/encourage construction and improvement projects citywide to include pedestrian-friendly improvements as part of traffic mediation proposals, especially in Malden Center.
Time all signalized intersections so that pedestrians have enough time to cross at a safe speed.
Periodically test signals for good working order.

street signs citywide
to be more readable and consistent in color.

What We Can Do:

  • Replace non-functioning walk buttons with properly timed automated signals.
  • Program walk signals to include an adequate walk cycle and add signage to inform pedestrians to wait for timed walk signal.
  • Install "No Right on Red" signs to reduce the amount of right turns and improve pedestrian safety.
  • Trim back shrubs to improve visibility.
  • Add a curb cut and new crosswalk along the southbound side of Commercial Street to shorten the length of the crosswalk.
  • Tighten corners to slow turning vehicles and shorten crossing distances and are safer for pedestrians.

mayor improvement in the city.
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