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The HALTS Official App


Our Generation Citizens project is currently focusing on, as you know, student safety. However, our class realized that not everyone would have access to a computer to be able to look at all of our facts, statistics, and contact information. So, we decided that an app would be the most efficient way to reach out to others.

Description of Our App

Our app is designed to be efficient to use and include short and simple facts that can educate pedestrians on how to stay safe. Once completed, our app will include:

  • Contact Information: Our app will include contact information, such as people to call during emergencies if you have been in a motor vehicle accident or if you are having trouble with your vehicle. (for example, if your car needs to be towed.)

  • Safety Tips: There will be tips that can help you as a pedestrian to keep yourself safe, since it is the main focus on the app.

  • Traffic Signs: It includes ways to educate people on traffic signs. Traffic signs have a big impact on drivers and pedestrians, and we want to increase their knowledge on the meanings and how people should react when seeing one of the signs.

  • Traffic Laws: This section allows people to know what is or is not legal when driving or walking. Although these laws are very detailed, it will broken down for an easier read.

  • Posting Pictures: What better way to share updated information than to have a tool that allows you to post pictures? Our app will include a widget that will allow you to take pictures of things that may be unsafe. WARNING: Although we would like to see pictures posted on our app, DO NOT PUT YOURSELF AT RISK TO TAKE A PHOTO. We want you to stay SAFE, so only take a photo when it is 100% safe to do so.


external image 7048335503_a5906a22b4_o.pngAs a final note, the app will not be a separate operation. Our app will tie very closely to our HALTS website. It will include links for you to get access to the website, and will have similar information.